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Guests are charged upfront through Swimply's secure payment system powered by Stripe. Your payout is directly deposited after each booking, minus our 15% service fee (it's how we keep the show running).
Not at all, we give you the option to provide all the info your guests will need to help themselves. Only confirmed guests will see this info.
Of course, most of our hosts are.
Providing a restroom is entirely optional! Most hosts do provide a restroom as it allows them to charge more per hour and accept longer reservations. Some hosts happen to have a restroom outside specifically for the pool use which is cool, and some provide instructions for guests to use a side/back door to allow minimal access to the home. If you would like to provide a restroom, but don't want to allow guest access to your home, let us know and we can get a portable restroom brought to your location and maintained once a week with some of our pretty cool partnerships. Get in touch with our Host Care Team to learn more.
Ultimately, the choice is yours, but once you list, our Host Care Team is readily available to help assist with pricing your pool and hand over any other golden tips we may have. You can always start a bit lower and once you see what people are willing to pay, raise your rate.